My real name is Avoca Roseanna, but I get called many varieties of this. Generally it’s just plain Rosie, but when I have to be spoken to sternly I am called Roseanna!!! When I’m really, really good, my mum calls me Roseanna Gold.

Sadly, it’s time for me to be sold…….

I was born at Avoca Park on the 18th October 2009, six years ago now. I remember it was a really wet spring – it just rained and rained and rained. Luckily I had to spend the first week in a stable with my biological mum, Avoca Kiama because for some reason I had a little trouble standing up by myself and I had to be helped up so that I could drink. Once I was up it was awesome but it took me a few days to develop the strength to do it myself.

I spent my younger years out in our back paddocks with my siblings. We had great fun out there, running, playing and sleeping. I liked being in with younger babies the most because I got to boss them around. Once I moved in with my older siblings they were a bit meaner and I wasn’t in charge anymore.

I was taught to tie up during my younger years and had my feet done regularly by our farrier. I now have shoes on my front feet. What an interesting experience that was, the first time that happened, but my goodness once I got used to them I felt like I could dance on anything!!!

We get wormed every June and December and in March and September Mum tests our manure for worms and if we need drenching again it so happens. Every September we get our teeth done and every five years, we have our tetanus shots. I would hate to say that my Mum is on the spectrum or anything, but everything is very regulated!!!

My Mum started riding me when I was three and I have done all sorts of things in the last three years.

Once I was broken in I got to sleep at night in a stable and had my own paddock throughout the day. I felt very grown up living with my older uncles and my dad. In the beginning I just spent three months at a time being ridden then got to have a big three month break out in the back paddocks again. I have to admit, I did miss my stable during these times. Luckily during the last twelve months I have been able to have my stable each night all to myself.

We also regularly see our Physiotherapist, Katrina Varcoe-Cox and Veterinary/Chiropractor Mark Curtis. Don’t tell Mark but I much prefer Katrina because she gives me a full body massage, it’s just sensational.

My Mum says not to listen to the things people say about chestnut mares but to remember that I will be loved because I am a chestnut mare. She tells me that I am the life of the stables and the cleverest one amongst them. I think that’s because I have learnt the sideways movements like shoulder in, travers, renvers and half pass as if I had already learnt them in a previous life. I can do them in the walk and trot and am now just starting canter, all at a baby level of course. I can also do counter canter quite well – must be something to do with those new shoes!!

I get ridden out on the road each week and really enjoy going out with my sisters. It has taken me a bit of time to enjoy it by myself and when I got scared I preferred to go home, but my Mum has kept reassuring me that all was okay and now I am happy to go it alone.

I have now grown to 16hh and have just been microchipped and EA registered. I am soooo excited because that means when we go out in the truck I will get to go in those white arenas that I see my uncles and sisters go into.

They are all so clever, my half-sister Avoca Flowergirl competes Advanced and my uncles Avoca Solomon and Avoca Rocket Man compete Prix St Georges/Inter 1 and Medium. Lots of my other sisters, aunts and uncles do awesome stuff too but best of all is my great uncle Avoca Black Saint. He is old now but when he was at the peak of his career he was a Grand Prix horse who had the most amazing piaffe/passage and canter pirouettes.

I just can’t wait to do the freestyles, I have songs going around in my head like “Dancing Queen” and of course that song that was written about me – “Roseanna”.

I have been to many competitions and clinics but have not yet been lucky enough to take part. My Mum is just too busy with my uncles, so I just go along for the experience.

I have great fun in the school holidays though because a little girl called Amy rides me in the holiday clinics and rode me at summer camp last year. Amy was 15 when she started riding me and recently we got to do a Heath Ryan clinic together. Gee that man can yell, but I got to hear all these words like BEAUTIFUL, SUPER and FANTASTIC. I’m pretty sure it was all directed at me.

I am lucky enough to have both my biological parents still alive. My Mum is old now but if I may say so, for a 28-year-old TB she still looks pretty hot. It also might be wrong of me to say but if there was an equine group of male dancers like “Manpower”, my dad, Avoca Flaunt It (just like the song) would be out the front as he has a body to die for, and with his handsome Clydesdale Cross face with his perfect blaze and four white socks, he is extremely eye catching.

I am FOR SALE for $26,500 and I must say I think that is very reasonable. We are looking for a competent equine home that will understand me because I am a chestnut mare.

And my name is ROSEANNA GOLD!!

If you think you know the perfect human for me, please contact my Mum, Leanne – info@avocapark.com.au for photos and more information

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