First Steps to Piaffe

“Pelvis Flexion before Poll Flexion”



Jason McInnes has 20 years of experience in natural horsemanship, classical dressage training and equine bio mechanics; equipping him with the knowledge and skills to train all horses and riders in achieving flexibility, mobility, true straightness, relaxation and ultimately collection.

Leanne Williams is an FEI rider who aspires to bring the beauty of Classical Dressage into the competition area while helping all riders educate their horses in a clear and respectful manner using her training system.

Leanne and Jason are students in Philippe Karl’s School of Légèreté, both being drawn to Philippe’s logical and empathetic training system. Between the two of them, Leanne and Jason have in excess of 50 years of experience in training horses regarding breeding, initial handling, the backing process, groundwork, in-hand work, competition training and general horsemanship.



Leanne and Jason are available for clinics independently or together, offering:

  • Private or Semi-Private Lessons
  • Group Sessions
  • Theory Presentations
    • Bio-Mechanics
    • Horsemanship
    • Test Riding

Clinics are conducted locally but we also travel throughout Australia and New Zealand