“First time attending a lightness clinic. Highly recommend, huge difference in working relationship with horse”.

Kathryn Bazely

“Another fabulous Lightness Clinic. Leanne is a patient and knowledgeable instructor and works very closely with you to help deepen the relationship with your horse and to instill the principles of Classical Dressage to ensure consistency in all aspects of working with your horse. I particularly enjoy the in-hand work and seeing the changes in the posture of both yourself and the horse. Highly Recommend.

Kathryn Bazely

“A gorgeous weekend for the quarterly Lightness Clinic held at Avoca Park. It’s nice to be amongst like minded people and the vibe and energy was awesome.

Thrilled to the back teeth with my lovely Matisse. He is getting stronger every week and lighter and lighter in front. The 3 lessons over 2 days focussing on posture are exponentially beneficial. Amazing transformations for all participants.

Started shoulder in with Matty today and we were using that to improve his balance in canter ( which is still a WIP). I am exhausted but still really buzzed and excited about what the future holds for us.”

Linda Muldoon

Lightness Clinics with Leanne Williams

Lightness clinics are about working with your horse from the ground and under saddle and teaching your horse to travel in a posture that is conducive with dressage and comfortable riding whilst also developing a horse for long term soundness.

We will be doing some work on the rider’s seat including exercises on the Balimo Chair (a chair designed for riders to improve their balance, suppleness and co-ordination). This has been a great asset to every rider who has worked with it so far.

We will work with groundwork, in hand work, flexions and of course riding!!! Teaching the horse to travel in self carriage is our main goal and understanding their asymmetry and balance is the answer.

The pedestal will be set up for the horses to develop the feeling of lifting the wither, and this is always great fun for both horse and rider.

We will talk about the equine bio-mechanics and the importance of understanding how the muscles and skeleton needs to work to achieve BALANCE and SYMMETRY in your horse.

The cost for the weekend is $250 which includes 2 semi private lessons on day 1 and a private lesson on day 2 to consolidate all the learning from day 1.

Accommodation is available for horse and rider. The clinic dates for 2021 are:

    • 27th – 28th February 2021
    • 29th – 30th May 2021 * rescheduled due to lock down*
    • 28th – 29th August 2021
    • October Dates to be announced. *limited spaces*
    • 27th – 28th November 2021

“I attended the latest Lightness Clinic last weekend. Once again, a great two days starting off with a morning session of in hand – lengthening and shortening the steps, stretching and trying some higher frame short steps – very exciting! Then in hand/mounted in the afternoon session. Yesterday all participants had a private lesson to work on and solidify everything practiced from the first day. All horses and riders reached and passed milestones and there were many, many smiling faces.. I’ve had the comment on one of my dressage tests “horse in self carriage” – the methodology works if you commit”

Di Politz

“I attended last weekend’s clinic with Leanne I love this method learnt a lot. Lovely environment highly recommend, and I definitely will be back thank you so much.”

Annette Gatt

Another quarterly Lightness Clinic done and dusted. So enjoy being around these like minded riders and always grateful to Leanne for keeping me on track with both Joey and Matisse, especially at the moment when things aren’t going so well.”

Linda Muldoon

“I attended the lightness clinic last weekend. It was my first clinic with my young horse who is having some training with Leanne. This was also the first time I’ve ridden my horse since he’s been at Avoca Park, the work Leanne has done with him has been amazing, the difference I felt in him was fantastic! Thank you, guys”

Alma Robinson