Melanie Bulmahn Teaching

Melanie Bulmahn will be joining us for one clinic this year – for three days from Monday 26th – Wednesday 28th November.

Melanie believes every horse and every person is unique.. Environment, personal history, physical abilities, diseases and other factors affect humans and horses alike. She can thus do justice to each horse–rider partnership only with a training that takes these influences into account. Melanie trains according to the principles of Légèreté classical riding, her training excludes any coercive means and any use of force. For her, there is no dividing line between good classical riding and good horsemanship. That’s why a good relationship and communication with the horse is just as important to her as providing the horse with health-promoting gymnastics that enables it to easily bear the rider’s weight.

Melanie worked as a medical doctor’s assistant in sport medicine and in a medical laboratory for humans for 18 years then decided to become self-employed as a riding instructor in 2009.

She was a spectator of the School of Légèreté instructor clinics from 2004 to 2007 and an active rider with her Quarter Horse gelding Leroy from 2007 to 2010. She passed her exam successfully with level 3 in 2010 and since then has been regularly participating as a rider in the refresher clinics of Philippe Karl.

She is now a Master teacher within the School of Légèreté.

In her current work she combine her medical background with the equestrian culture Légèreté, Melanie has also completed her Diploma in Equine Science.

Melanie’s goal is to provide a holistic training approach for different horses and riders in which the centre is the respect for the horse. This provides a more intense dialogue between horse and rider, where the horse is confident, light and at all times on the aids of the rider.

We have three options:

  1. Participate in the three day clinic
  2. Come along and spectate
  3. Participate in a one hour private lesson

Three Day Clinic

The cost of the clinic is $800 for the 3 days.  Over the 3 days you will receive –

Day 1 – 1 hour lesson

1½ hour theory lecture

Day 2 – 1 hour lesson

Day 3 – 45 min lesson

1½ hour question time

To book in the three day clinic CLICK HERE


Spectators are welcomed… $30 per day | $50 per 2 days | $75 for 3 days

 To book a spectator spot CLICK HERE

Private Lesson

Have a one hour private lesson with Melanie for $290.  To book a private lesson CLICK HERE

For any questions, please call 0422 561 126 OR email info@avocapark.com.au