FM Full Cheek, loose ring, single jointed snaffle bit


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Looking for a comfortable bit to guide your horse throughout all equine ventures? THIS IS IT!

The ‘loose ring’ element is perfect for horses who have the tendency to lean into the bit.



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FM Bit (Loose Ring)


Here at Avoca Park we choose the loose ring snaffle with shanks for it’s simplicity.

This bit is named after the legendary, Franz Maringer, hence the FM or alternatively it is also called a Fulmer bit.

We use this bit as it aid’s us in our Education of the Mouth process, with the shanks, it aids in stabilising the bit in the horses mouth and also aids us in teaching the horses lateral (Left and Right) flexibility as it prevents the bit from slipping through the horse’s mouth.

This one is the loose ring version, and we use this on horses that are more inclined to lean, the loose ring prevents them from doing this so much as the ring continues to move under any pressure.

This is a wonderful bit to aid in the connection of any horse.


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