2 Day Lightness Clinic


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Please read more about this amazing opportunity on our Lightness Clinic Page.

Lightness clinics are about working with your horse from the ground and under saddle and teaching your horse to travel in a posture that is conducive with dressage and comfortable riding whilst also developing a horse for long term soundness.

We will work with groundwork, in hand work, flexions and of course riding!!! Teaching the horse to travel in self carriage is our main goal and understanding their asymmetry and balance is the answer.

We will talk about the equine bio-mechanics and the importance of understanding how the muscles and skeleton needs to work to achieve BALANCE and SYMMETRY in your horse.

The cost for the weekend is $220 which includes 2 semi private lessons on day 1 and a private lesson on day 2 to consolidate all the learnings of day 1.

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