Sharon May-Davis: 3-day Full Equine Dissection


This workshop is directed towards anybody interested in understanding how a horse is muscularly put together….. Sharon does her dissection in such a way that absolutely maintains the respect for the horse and is not at all confronting for the participant.

I can not recommend this workshop enough for any serious or amateur competitor or horse enthusiast as well as the Equine bodywork practitioners to see what they are working on under the skin.

“The Bone Lady” – Sharon May-Davis is one of Australia’s leading experts in the biomechanics & musculoskeletal system of the equine. Her passion has lead her all over the world working with top performance horses and sharing her exceptional understanding of the equine. She is highly desired for her depth of knowledge on how the horses body works under the skin and her ability to share that is incredible. She gives her knowledge unconditionally and I personally have found this very refreshing.

There is a 15 max participant limit.

$440 for full clinic (when paid upfront in direct bank transfer/credit card payment/EFTPOS).

Morning and afternoon teas supplied.

Accommodation is available for participants at additional cost- please fill out the form on our clinic’s webpage.



For more details and our booking form (must be filled out to be eligable to attend Sharon May Davis Course) please visit the Clinic’s Webpage.


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