Avoca Park School Horses

We love our team of school horses and ponies, each and every one of them get treated like all of our performance horses, whether that be the competition horses, the racehorses or the old retirees.

Their job is unique and incredibly special- “To teach humans how to ride”, we are very privileged that they help us to do this.

We hope you have enjoy this insight into our little group and hope we meet you soon for a lesson or two.


Vegemite is the smallest member of our team, standing at 11.2h, he is a black gelding, born in 2000 who is quite the character. He has recently joined us after the riding school that he was in closed.

He is perfect for our youngest riders, up to 6 years. Vegemite is super for the lunge lessons and also great once the riders develop their skills to be ridden independently both in a group and by himself.

Santa Fe

Santa is a 12.2hh flashy chestnut little man with a lovely blaze and cream socks. He was born in 1994, and although he may sound old he is young at heart. On loan to us from a longstanding client, he has been thoroughly loved and enjoyed for 15 years by all of her daughters. He is a good fit for riders that feel that they need a well-educated pony to extend their knowledge. He went to Grade 3 Pony club and competed up to State Champs for Jumping and Dressage. He is a forward moving, kind little lad that appreciates light hands and instruction from his rider. Ideal for our confident but petite riders.


Mostly called Roxie, she is a 13.1hh pocket rocket, Roxie is a grey mare, born 2006.

We love our Rox, as you never not know what is going on in her mind. Leanne met Roxie many years ago now when a client was looking for a bigger pony for their daughter. At the time she was quite young and spent many years training her through the Pony Club levels up to Grade 3 dressage and Grade 4 eventing,

When it was time for Roxie to move on, selling was not an option so into our school she came. She is perfect for our more experienced riders riding independently but is also perfect for us to give our lunge lessons on.


Hermione is the matriarch of our pony paddock, she is a 14hh bay mare, born 1996.

Hermione came to us from a client after the children had grown too large for her. She has done many years Pony Club, up to and including Grade 3 dressage and eventing.

She is a wonderful asset to the school, teaching our beginner children right through to our more experienced. No child is ever disappointed with their lesson on Hermione


Stormy, how do we describe our Stormy, the only word that immediately comes to mind is PERFECT. He is a 15hh, bay gelding who is Clydesdale x Stock Horse and born 2006.

He came to us from a long-time client who was having a sea change up North and wanted him to come and finish off his career in our school. How lucky we are. 😊

Stormy has competed up to and including Grade 2 dressage and Grade 3 eventing. He has trained many of the lateral movements such as shoulder in, travers, renvers and half pass. He is competent at counter canter but does feel that riders should be capable of asking these things of him.

Being of a medium size Stormy aids us in the development of the older kids plus the smaller adults, and he has this wonderful temperament where he can work with beginner riders plus the more advanced.


Felix is a newer member to our team, he is a 16hh warmblood gelding, born in 2007. He is a lovely gentleman who is suited well to our intermediate riders. Prior to his time with us he had had extensive Dressage training and carries this into his lessons now. Felix is patient, kind and wants to please, he is easy to get along with in every manner.

We just LOVE having him part of our team!!!

More photos coming soon!!!

Avoca Eclipse

Born at Avoca Park, she was named Louise on sight. She is a 17.2hh, brown mare, ¼ Clydesdale x ¾ TB and born 1996.

Louise was born to compete and that she did. Leanne and Louise were unstoppable for many years competing in State and National Dressage championships from all levels from Preliminary to FEI.

She was a success story right from the word go, winning many Championships. Louise was retired from competition in 2008 and in 2010 she had her one and only foal, Delilah. In 2011 she became part of our school to aid in the development of our more advanced riders. Being a sensitive mare, she teaches our students how to ride lightly.

Louise’s half-brother on her sire side was Avoca Black Saint, a Champion Grand Prix horse whilst partnering Leanne in their competition career. Winning many Championships, competing at State and National Level and being on the Australian Team in the World Dressage Challenge in 2000.

Oklahoma Rose

Known lovingly as Oke to us, she is a 17.3h, bay mare, Clydesdale x TB and born in 2003. She was born at Avoca Park and sold at 7yo to a local family with 3 daughters, she stayed with them and aided the riding development, all the while taking part in Pony Club and all related activities including Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross Country and trail rides. We purchased her back 8 years later as a 15yo and she has been part of our school ever since.

Oke’s sire was our older stallion Avoca Cardinal who has also sired Leanne’s three current FEI horses, Avoca Solomon, Avoca Rocket Man and Avoca Flaunt It.

Cardinal also had half siblings, Pretzel and Avoca Eclipse (Louise) who competed FEI Dressage and Conspiracy Theory who competed 2 Star eventing.

Our Oak’s is a wonderful asset to our school and aids many, many riders from beginner through to advanced intermediates. She is our largest Riding school horse and caps our weight limit of 90kg.

Rest In Peace Our beloved Dumpling

We want to make a tribute as a special thanks to Mr Dumpling. He served us as the perfect pony for the little ones to learn to ride on. He took his job very seriously, taking incredible care of his riders and was a precious member of our team. At the beginning of the year he started to show signs he was getting  a bit unwell. Concerned, we begun 5 star treatment, with stabling at night, the best paddock during the day and a specialized feed to improve his appetite but unfortunately after a few months of royal treatment- he said his final goodbyes to us and with a heavy heart the staff at Avoca Park said our goodbyes and our thanks. He was one in a million and he is somewhere over Rainbow bridge having a frolick and a pick remembering his good ol’ days here at Avoca Park.