The Stable Staff of Avoca Park

We are blessed to have a small but very hard working team. We all play huge roles in the running of this equestrian center. The stable staff are such hard workers, putting lots of love and care into our equine friends while working quite a physically demanding job, let us introduce you to our stable hands.


Jodie joined us in the Winter of 2019. Jodie is the backbone of our stable team, with a lifetime of experience and a real passion for horses she truly feels at home when surrounded by these noble animals.

Jodie assists Leanne in managing the general care of all the Avoca Park horses. Her daily tasks include grooming and tacking all of Leannes horses for the work morning as well as working with and training all new staff. She maintains the records and written training progress for all horses in for training, backing, education & agistment.

With her own horse experience, she is often riding and exercising the school horses helping with their continued education and fitness. She helps manage the stable block in all aspects and the feeding of the horses.

We asked Jodie who her favourite horse was and she just couldn’t decide, she loved them ALL, big and small because “they teach me something new everyday. How can you not feel warm and fuzzy when a horse sees you and whinnies out for you,then runs to the fence to greet you.”

Jodie’s motto is “LOOK – LISTEN – LEARN – APPLY be open to change, enjoy the adventure.” Jodie works incredibly hard and her passion for the Avoca Park team is huge.

Jodie is such a star, she even got mentioned as a review on our facebook business page: 

“Jodie is a great asset to this place. You can really tell she has great standards and cares for her horses and customers. Well done” – Lyle Plumb


Georgia joint us in July 2020, after coming down from Newcastle to get some work experience at Avoca Park. She could not have made a better first impression. She works hard, is eager to learn and her love of the horses is just heart warming.

Georgia is commencing a working student role, learning all she can from Leanne. She is currently working towards her EA Coaching qualifications and is currently enrolled in both the EA Introduction to Horse Management course and the EA Introductory Riding course being held at Avoca Park.

Georgia works in the stables taking care of the horses and various animals, she has started coaching our young beginners and also dabbles with our social media and admin. Her favourite part of the job is “Being around animals, spending time with the cutest kids and seeing the smile we put on their faces when they’re having the time of their life on a horse”.

Georgia’s favourite horse is Solomon, (Leanne’s big chestnut competition horse Avoca Solomon)  because she feels safe and looked after being around him, he is a very happy boy and loves his cuddles that she forces upon him multiple times a day.

We asked Georgia how would she describe AvocaPark to friends or family and her response was “A very warm and welcoming environment whos school horses aren’t like other riding schools school horses, they are treated like the competition horses they are and each horse is cared for individually.” I believe that speaks volumes on how lovely and intuitive Georgia is. She may be the newest full time worker we have but she is already an established member of the Avoca Park Family.

The Juniors

The juniors are our casuals that work weekends and their school holidays. Working hard while they learn more about their passion of horses. During their shifts they make up and feed the horses their breakfast and dinner, clean out the stables, prepare the horses and ponies for their lessons and make sure the stables and yards are clean.


Danya has been a junior stable hand with us here since May 2019. She completed her EA Introduction to Horse Management Course early 2020 and is currently studying her EA Introductory Riding Course. An incredibly smart girl with a quiet and gentle approach.

Her favourite part of the job is working with the horses, whether that be bringing them in to get them ready for their lessons or feeding them.

Her favourite pony would be Vegemite, “I like Vegemite because he is the smallest pony we have at Avoca park, though he has only been here for a 4-5 months, he has come a long way and where he didn’t like being handled or caught, he now bathes in the attention” and her favourite horse would be Clancy (One of Leanne’s competition horses) “I like Clancy because though he used to be a difficult horse to work with, since an injury he obtained, he’s become much easier to work with and won’t jump at everything that’s around him, he has become more fond of people and doesn’t mind being caught or having a scratch, he’s learnt to trust people has come a long way since when I first met him.”

We asked Danya what was something she has learnt during her time working at Avoca Park and her response shows the maturity and wisdom she has: “that working faster isn’t always best, you could miss something or forget to do something, so it’s better to work harder- as a simple mistake could lead to something fatal”.

Her fondest memory while working at Avoca Park…. ” would be when we first got Felix, he was such an affectionate horse and loved a good scratch. When I first met him, he was standing in a yard next to the school horses and all he wanted was affection. He was put in a paddock with Stormy, and every time I went out to bring Stormy in for a lesson, Felix would be the first one to greet me at the gate and would follow me all to catch Stormy and follow us back to the gate. Though Stormy didn’t enjoy his company too much, I loved seeing just how fond of people and attention Felix was”

Danya describes Avoca Park “as a well-organized work environment where we are all a happy family. We cherish what each other does and can rely on one another for support. No one’s there to bring you down, instead help you to improve and build you up”.



Niamh’s joined us in March 2020, and although shes only been with us a few months at this stage she feels she has learnt so much while working here about various things such as different aspects of feeding the horses, medicine for the horses and lots more. Her favourite part of her job is also working with the horses (as they are all fun to work with), as well as making all there food. She cant decide which is her favourite as she loves all the ponies, horses and donkey too!

If Niamh had a motto she would say “that horses aren’t our whole lives, but they sure do make our lives whole”.

Niamh describes Avoca Park “as a welcoming and caring environment because everyone is super nice and it is overall a safe and fun place”.




Dallas has been with us since July 2020, she has enrolled in both our EA Introduction to Horse Management and our EA Introductory Riding courses. A keen rider, she has had lessons on her arabian pony Cas with Leanne prior to applying for our junior position.  Dallas has completed the FEI Campus Courses on The Musculoskeletal System Basics, Housing of Horses, General Conformation, Basic Management and Care. Keen to learn more Dallas has jumped into her role of a junior and is learning the our methods and procedures quickly.  We plan to ask Dallas more questions about how she feels in the coming months once she has settled in.


Dakota has also been with us since July 2020, she has also enrolled in our EA Introduction to Horse Management course. At just 17 she already has some experience working as a stablehand in the equine industry. She owns her own off the track thoroughbred that she has retrained and competed on. We look forward to finding out more about Dakota in the coming months after she has settled in.



Ellie started with us at the beginning of August 2020. After moving just down the road to Avoca Park, she is a new local who has recently adopted an 18 year old 14.3hh Standardbred. Ellie is looking forward to meeting new like minded people from within our the community.

Again we will ask Ellie some questions for the website once she has settled in like the other juniors. Welcome to the team.