The Admin Team of Avoca Park


We are blessed to have a small but very hard working team. We all play huge roles in the running of this equestrian center. We love our horses and the pets of Avoca Park. Let us introduce you to our Admin team.



We are so blessed to have Leesa, our book keeper. Working alongside Leanne and Mandy for invoicing and misc tasks. She oversees Avoca Park’s financials, payroll, reconciliations billing and expenses.

Leesa has been riding since she could walk! She currently has three horses she’s working with and eventing. She loves the freedom and partnership built with them, as they are truly amazing animals.

If Leesa had a motto it would be “Always do what you’re afraid to do”

Leesa has currently been with us since January 2020 and we asked her what she has learnt during her employment at AP, her response was  “Exceptional team environment, Leanne is inspirational and runs a well respected business.”

We’d be lost without this amazing backbone of our admin team.



Mandy also joined us at the beginning of 2020. After over a decade working with racehorses, she wanted to get into an administrative role to create a better work-home life balance for her and her young family. Mandy worked in a riding school for 5 years before she moved to Australia so understands the opportunity equestrian centres give to young riders. However she was in awe when she came for her interview and found out how much Avoca Park has to offer!

Mandy works both as ‘the office lady’ and as a personal assistant to Leanne, helping her develop and deliver the initiatives thought up by Avoca Park’s entrepreneur Leanne Williams. She does a bit of everything that you would expect in the office; from taking and organizing bookings, updating the website and contacting clients. With her equine experience she can often understand the needs and wants of our clients when they contact us for the various aspects our business offers.

If Mandy had a motto it would be “Always try your best and be honest, you can never go wrong.”

Mandy’s favourite pony at Avoca Park is Vegemite because Mandy joined Leanne when she went to see if Vegemite would be the right fit for Avoca Park. Mandy’s son played a marvellous test pilot, bouncing about wailing (mostly in delight!) at the trot, all while this happy little Vegemite was more than happy doing whatever was asked of him. He was completely unphased by her novice son. Mandy’s kids are now coming to Avoca Park often for cuddles with him and to play with all the other amazing Avoca Park animals!

Mandy adores her job, she loves the responsibility and trust given to her by Leanne and enjoys working on projects and ideas for Avoca Park. She believes in the Avoca Park purpose and is a very proud member of the team.


Gail started for us in late March 2020. She applied for our cleaning position but we were blown away with her hardwork and extra effort. Gail has worked her way into an integral role at Avoca Park. Her role has grown to include being in charge of our Pony Parties, catering and she even dabbles with our social media. Her infectious positive attitude makes us all feel looked after as she completes all her tasks in a thorough manner.

Avoca Park is Gails first experience working with horses and she’s loving every second of it. Her favourite part of the job is managing the pony parties as she adores watching the kids faces light up when they’re near the ponies. She can’t wait to bring her grand kids during the next school holidays.

We asked Gail what she has learnt at Avoca Park since she started working here and her response was “Patience, trust, and that doing a job you enjoy makes getting up in the morning easy, working for and with good people makes communication easier” and her motto would be “Enjoy today, tomorrow is not promised”

We affectionately call Gail “Nanna Gail” sometimes, as she always checks up on us all, makes us a warm tea or coffee if she’s near the kettle and brings in the most amazing lemon slices to spoil us all- shes also not afraid to call us an idiot if she thinks we’re being a fool. Gail is not shy to tell the truth but there is always love in what she has to say.


Georgia joined us in July 2020, after coming down from Newcastle to get some work experience at Avoca Park. She could not have made a better first impression. She works hard, is eager to learn and her love of the horses is just heart warming.

Georgia is commencing a working student role, learning all she can from Leanne. She is currently working towards her EA Coaching qualifications and is currently enrolled in both the EA Introduction to Horse Management course and the EA Introductory Riding course being held at Avoca Park.

Georgia works in the stables taking care of the horses and various animals, she has started coaching our young beginners and also dabbles with our social media and admin. Her favourite part of the job is “Being around animals, spending time with the cutest kids and seeing the smile we put on their faces when they’re having the time of their life on a horse”.

Georgia’s favourite horse is Solomon, (Leanne’s big chestnut competition horse Avoca Solomon)  because she feels safe and looked after being around him, he is a very happy boy and loves his cuddles that she forces upon him multiple times a day.

We asked Georgia how would she describe AvocaPark to friends or family and her response was “A very warm and welcoming environment whos school horses aren’t like other riding schools school horses, they are treated like the competition horses they are and each horse is cared for individually.” I believe that speaks volumes on how lovely and intuitive Georgia is. She may be the newest full time worker we have but she is already an established member of the Avoca Park Family.