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Classical Dressage Clinic

with Veronika Bühn

Dates: 22nd, 23rd & 24th May

Veronika Bühn is an accredited Master Trainer at the Ecole de Légèreté and owner of her own horse training facility in Germany.

Veronika has been taught by Monsieur Philippe Karl as an active participant of his "École de Légèreté" since 2007. In 2011 she was officially approved as a licensed teacher.

Clear and effective training concepts are taught incorporating the latest scientific research based on anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, balance, psychology and ethology.

The philosophy of Légèreté excludes any use of force or coercive artificial aids (such as draw reins, running reins, tight nose bands etc) but is applicable to all breeds and all conformations of horses. It takes an interest in all equestrian disciplines. It provides an understandable and reliable training plan with clear principles, efficient methods and procedures that fully respect the horse. Riders also learn the theory underlying the training system and put together it allows any seriously motivated rider access to High School equitation, even with a perfectly ordinary horse. 

This kind and respectful method of training horses promotes soundness of both body and mind and the longevity of horses. A strong emphasis is placed on preparing the body and mind of the horse so that it is in a position to naturally advance to the next stage of its education rather than pushing the horse’s boundaries which more often than not leads to fear and resistance.

These clinics are a great way to meet like minded riders and everyone supports and encourages each other. There are always lots of laughs and groups are sociable and friendly.  

All levels of horses and riders are accepted and any breed or type of horse or pony is welcome. Whether you are an advanced dressage rider, show jumper, eventer, someone who just loves to ride and learn new things or someone who has perhaps had bad experiences of dressage lessons in the past, you will find Veronika able to help you. This is for anyone who wishes to improve their horse’s way of going using techniques that make sense to the horse. 

Riders attend all lessons and theory sessions as the purpose is to learn as much as possible from all horse and rider combinations. Riding participants should come prepared with notebook and pen and are permitted to video their own lesson.

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 • mental and emotional aspects and confidence building of horse and rider. 

• young horse starting


Holistic approach to the horse: 

• biomechanics and biotensegrity

• general health, wellbeing and rehabilitation 

Teaching the principles of the EDL: 

• lunging and in hand work from the ground. 

• dressage schooling 

• jumping for gymnastic


Veronika's Personal Webpage: www.prohorse.org


There is a limit of 9 riders for this 3 day clinic. Each day includes a 45minute private riding lesson and at the end of the first and second day there is theory planned in the classroom.

The days run from 8am- approximately 5.30/6pm. The final day should complete at approximately 4pm.

The cost of the clinic is $875 for the 3 days for riders.

Spectators are welcome and both riders AND spectators need to book.

Spectator costs are: 

$80- 1 day, $150- 2 days, $200-3 days

A $50% deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your booking as places are limited. Final 50% is due 4 weeks prior to clinic (19th April 2024).

To book via direct transfer. Please email [email protected] with number of participants you would like to book as well as the accommodation and agistment required. 50% will need to be paid to confirm your booking. A waiting list will be formed after we are fully booked.


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Accommodation & Agistment Available

We have a Bunkhouse where shared accommodation is available. The bunkhouse has a fully equipped kitchen, lounge, shower and toilet with 2 bedrooms.

Private adjoining room with Double Bed (in seperate room) is $120 per night.

Bunk Bed (4 sets of bunks and sleeps up to 8 in one room): $70 per night.

We have a another accommodation called Room with a view: This is $110 per night and has a single loft bed in there (please note there is a ladder to the bed). This room has access to a communal kitchen and shared bathroom.

Camping in your float (electricity, kitchen and bathroom use included) is available at $38 per night.

We have Training Yards available at $27.50 per night.
We have 2 stables available for use at $48 per night.