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Classical Dressage Horse-Riding Holidays

Macclesfield, Victoria, Australia

Holiday Packages:


3 Day - 2 Night

Our 3-day dressage holiday involves an escape into the Yarra Ranges to enjoy our lovely location and the wonderful services we provide. 

All packages can be tailored to individual needs.


5 Day - 4 Night

Our 5-day dressage holiday involves, 3 days of dressage lessons and indulging in our fine meals and local treats. 

All packages can be tailored to individual needs.


7 Day - 6 Night

Our 7-day equine holidays, involves 5 days of dressage lessons, luxury meals and local experiences.

All packages can be tailored to individual needs.

Silver Package

Escape to the Yarra Ranges for a short stay and enjoy our wonderful location and services.


Arrive and Explore the Property

Enjoy your first Horse-Riding lesson (if you have scheduled one)

 Eat in or head out to a local restaurant

Gold Package

Our 5 day getaway gives our riders an approach to classical dressage. Our director Leanne is a licensed teacher with École de Légèreté which means our school horses and Equestrian Australia qualified coaches have training under Leanne's guidance with these values, providing a biomechanically kinder approach to achieving your desired ridden goals.

Our holidays are catered to our rider's experience and needs. They are adapted for beginners to high level grand prix level riders- we have the horses and coaches to provide you with the best possible dressage experience!

Our purpose is to help people LIVE their LOVE of horses. Our goal for these holidays are to teach you the correct tools on how to school your horse with technique and kindness to achieve a trusting bond and beautiful movements. Lesson plans are adapted to suit each rider's individual needs.



Arrive and Explore the Property

Enjoy your first Horse-Riding lesson (Optional Extra - not included in price)

 Eat in or head out to a local restaurant

Platinum Package

This holiday package is our week long equine holiday where our riders can set a goal and work towards it throughout their week. Enjoying the experience of building their skills and achieving goals the compliment their riding at home. Each package is adapted to suit each rider's needs and more time can be spent on working towards specific goals.

Some riders want more time learning the basic horse care, others want to learn how to achieve high level dressage movements. We are happy to work with what you want or need to achieve your individual goals.

Each full day during your stay will include an opportunity to visit one of our amazing local attractions. Additional lessons can be incorporated into the holiday on request (subject to availability of horses and coaches). The week includes a carefully thought out menu with delicious meals and both in-hand and riding lessons. We hope to wow you with our beautiful area and wonderful horses. This is the holiday you need for a truly indulgent and educational equine retreat.


Arrive and Explore the Property

Enjoy your first Horse-Riding lesson (if you have scheduled one)

 Eat in or head out to a local restaurant

Our Values & Teachings

Philippe Karl and his renowned institution, known as the 'Ecole de Légèreté' or School of Lightness, embody a profound philosophy of equine education rooted in the wisdom of the old masters. The guiding principles of this school advocate for a delicate application of aids by riders and handlers, promoting a harmonious partnership with the horse that elicits a responsive and graceful appearance. By imparting a comprehensive understanding of the foundational principles, the School of Lightness enables equestrians to attain the pinnacle of dressage ability.

The teaching shows how training is organised into very small steps which are built upon one another, with earlier steps revisited when something isn’t working. This meticulous methodology generates heightened motivation, enhanced aesthetic appeal, and unparalleled expression in the equine partner. Notably, all school horses undergo training following the principles of the School of Lightness, making them suitable for riders of all skill levels.


Our exceptional facilities encompass an expansive, Olympic-sized covered arena measuring 60 meters by 40 meters, as well as a more intimate outdoor arena measuring 18 meters by 35 meters, which provides an ideal setting for personalized training sessions, allowing individuals to enjoy the delightful Australian weather.

Our equine residents are accommodated in spacious paddocks, complemented by two separate stable blocks. One block is dedicated to Avoca Park's own horses, while the other block consists of two stables exclusively reserved for agistee and guest horses. Additionally, we offer a designated float carpark, a roundyard, and a weaning yard, ensuring that Avoca Park caters comprehensively to all equestrian requirements.

Our horses live in paddocks, but we do have 2 blocks of stables. One for Avoca Park’s horses and one for guest’s horses. Our fantastic equestrian facilities include an Olympic sized covered arena (60m x 40m) and a more intimate sized outdoor arena (18m x 35m) perfect for one-on-one training while enjoying the Australian weather.

Riding Sessions

During the booking process there will be a comprehensive discussion to determine the desired outcomes of our guests’ stay. Once the riding skills have been evaluated, the Avoca Park team will diligently craft a personalized program tailored to assist riders in achieving their specific objectives.

Our esteemed instructors, renowned for their exceptional abilities, offer a personalized riding lesson in either a private or semi-private/group lesson in relation to the number of riders booked into one of our holidays.

Group classes are conducted when it is beneficial for the riders or if riders come in pairs or groups. Group lessons are tailored to the goals of each rider just as with an individual lesson. Even though a rider is part of a group, each rider is still treated as an individual and will experience individual instruction during the program.

The topics that can/will be covered are:

  • Cavesson Work

  • In-Hand Work

  • Ridden Work

  • Classical Dressage Training

  • Horsemanship Groundwork

  • Trail Rides

  • Our Instructors:

    Leanne Williams, our director stands among a select group of Licensed Level 1 School of Légèreté (Lightness) instructors in Australia. Furthermore, she holds the esteemed titles of an Equestrian Australia Level 3 Dressage Coach and Level 1 General Coach. Leanne has a long-standing commitment to showcasing the elegance of Classical Dressage in modern competition and she has successfully competed with a diverse range of horses bred on her own premises, from Novice to Grand Prix levels. With this expertise, Leanne eagerly imparts her extensive knowledge and experiences to others and guides them in educating their horses with clarity and respect.

    For riders who are still learning or building their skill set but feel a little overwhelmed with Leanne's level of teaching we have a range of Equestrian Australia Coaches within our team that have been mentored by Leanne to provide quality lessons for each level of riding. To find out mroe about our intructors, please click here to meet our team.