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Leanne’s passion for Clydesdale crosses stemmed from her childhood. Since then she has put lots of time and thought into developing the ideal performance horse. Using the Clydesdales quiet and calm nature and combining with mixes of thoroughbreds or Anglo-Arabs for their athleticism, Avoca Park’s progeny have thrived in competitive levels with their flashy moves and lovely natures.

Please check out below the horses Leanne and John have personally bred over the years. Avoca Cardinal has frozen sperm available with 24-hour live foal guarantee and Avoca Flaunt it is standing at stud, also with 24-hour live foal guarantee.

Avoca Cardinal’s Progeny

Avoca Flaunt It’s Progeny

Avoca Patrick (2009)

(Avoca Cardinal x Little Miss Em)

Patrick was the last foal Little Miss Em had with Cardinal and he was as cute as a button!

He had his initial years with us before being sold to a lovely lady who has taken part in Adult Riding club rallies, lessons, lower level competitions and many trail rides at a social level.

Avoca Delilah (2012)

(Avoca Flaunt It x Avoca Eclipse)

After Louise retired from her Dressage career, I couldn’t not breed with her, so we decided to put her to Flaunt It. She had a beautiful filly, who we called Delilah. Her Grandfather Cardinal’s paddock name was Samson, which we named after Samson in the bible as he was a man of great strength who didn’t trim his hair. So, we named his gorgeous Granddaughter, Delilah. She was a gem from the start, so balanced and so level-headed. She was sold at 3 to a lovely lady who takes part in Adult Riding Club activities, lessons, clinics and lots of trail riding.

Avoca Rebecca (2006)

(Avoca Cardinal x Little Miss Em)

Our Rebecca at birth was all woman, full of spirit but in a way that was lovely to work with. She was sold at 3yo to a lady in Tasmania who had recently sold her FEI horse and wanted a safe young horse to work with again.

Unfortunately, a hip replacement prevented that from happening and Rebecca was sent back to us to be sold again.

She was sold not long after into a Dressage home where she has had many lessons, taken part in clinics and competed in the lower levels of Equestrian Australia. She works confidently working up to and including all the Elementary movements.

She is beautiful to watch and ride.

Click here to find out more about Avoca Rebecca from their owner.

Owner, Phillipa Meyer, tells us about Avoca Rebecca

Personality: She is a typical mare, can be very moody! But also very affectionate – which is most of the time, you just need to give her space when she is not happy! She will leave you in no doubt on how she is feeling.

Strengths: Rebecca’s main strength is her temperament. When you ride her correctly and ask her nicely she works beautifully!!

If you compete, what is the highest level you have competed on them: Novice

What type of horse were you looking for before you bought Rebecca
: I was looking for an older gelding that had some experience. I decided to go and look at Rebecca even though she wasn’t what I had thought I wanted as I didn’t want another warmblood, and had heard good things about the Clydies crosses. And when I saw Rebecca she reminded me so much of my old horse that I just had to have her.

FI have a well conformed horse with a great temperament, that is very sound.

Your favourite thing about her?: That she so wants to be part of the family, she likes coming into her stable and being with you.

Would you recommend an Avoca Park Horse to someone?: Yes, definitely. Leanne starts the horses very well and you know you are going to get a horse with good manners and good groundwork and has started their training correctly.

Avoca Zoe (2012)

(Avoca Flaunt It x Little Miss Em)

Zoe was named after one of the winners of Big Brother, named by my niece. We never not knew what was going on in Zoe’s mind a busy little girl with busy feet.

A delight to train and a real mare in every meaning of the word, you have to love mares to own Zoe. Luckily, we found someone who did.

In the first 12 months of Zoe’s competition career through Equestrian Australia she was never unplaced. Preliminary and Novice was an ease to her. Onto Elementary with the beginnings of the lateral work, no problems there, flying changes, all with ease.

She was sold as a 7-year-old to continue on with her Dressage career.

Click here to find out more about Avoca Zoe from their owner.

Owner, Clare Delaney, tells us about Avoca Zoe

: Zoe has an inquisitive personality and likes to be in on everything that is going on. She is a friendly horse.

: She has a fantastic work ethic and a power from behind making her great for dressage.

What type of horse were you looking for before you bought Zoe
: I always had Warmbloods and Stockhorses before coming across Zoe.

With our journey so far, Zoe has delivered on what she was purchased for. Also, from what I have seen and felt while riding, she will deliver on what I hope for which is competing her in dressage

Your favourite thing about her?: Zoe is easy to ride, very forward and will tell me if something isn’t going right. She is easy to handle on the ground and doesn’t have any vices.

Would you recommend an Avoca Park Horse to someone
?: Yes, they have good temperaments and power.

Avoca Flaunt It (2005)

(Avoca Cardinal x Avoca Matilda)

Named Spencer at birth, he was an extremely exciting arrival, taking 3 years for us to get him on the ground, he was perfect, exactly what I had envisioned. Mahogany bay, 4 white socks, a blaze and oh so handsome. He was a gentleman from the beginning.

I’ve had so much fun on him, gone slowly through the grades of Equestrian Australia, competing successfully in many State Championships on the way.

Avoca Ruby Rose (2011)

(Avoca Flaunt It x Avoca Impulse)

Ruby was a stunner from the moment she was born, chocolate brown with a little star. She was a stunner on the inside and the out. She stayed with us until she was 7yo and then she went to close friend of ours who had recently lost her horse in unfortunate circumstances.

Click here to find out more about Avoca Ruby Rose from their owner.

Owner, Lynda Barkla, tells us about Avoca Ruby Rose

: Very sweet natured mare who is easy handle.

: Well she’s extremely beautiful! She is a very good natured mare and easy to handle though can be challenging in a good way. No dirt in her nature at all.

What type of horse were you looking for before you bought Ruby: Before i had Ruby i had a thoroughbred mare who unfortunately came to a sad end. Leanne and John VERY kindly gave me Ruby to fill the void. I am so lucky as we have bonded beautifully.

She has met my expectations in every way.

Your favourite thing about her?: So much to love about the breed! Beauty, trainability and presence!

Would you recommend an Avoca Park Horse to someone
?: I would recommend one of their horses without a doubt. They have the best upbringing and i know they are well cared for from birth as i worked at the stud for a number of years.

Avoca Synergy (2005)

(Avoca Cardinal x Little Miss Em)

Thomas was born and sold almost on the same day, he had the most beautiful face and amazing long legs. He spent his initial years here at Avoca Park, and left at 2 to go and start his new life. He commenced his Dressage career with a blast of wins through Preliminary and Novice within the Equestrian Australia levels.

He was then sold again into a leisure home where he is simply adored.

Avoca Marcus (2011)

(Avoca Flaunt It x Little Miss Em)

Marcus spent his first 7 years living with us at Avoca Park. He is a cool dude in which nothing phases him. A handsome man with a “look at me” presence.

Marcus competed Equestrian Australia Preliminary and Novice with many judges commenting both verbally and in his test of the quality of his tests.

He has now been sold to Maree who owned his mother, Little Miss Em prior to her having a motor bike accident and becoming a paraplegic.

Marcus is now being trained for Maree to re-gain her love and ability to ride again.

Click here to find out more about this Avoca Marcus from their owner.

Owner, Maree Reaby, tells us about Avoca Marcus

: Very patient and lovable.

: He picks up things quickly.

Your favourite thing about him?
: Everything that I could want in a horse.

Avoca Daphne (2004)

(Avoca Cardinal x Avoca Matilda)

Daphne was sold in 2009 as a young horse and has a wonderful loving home where she has taken part in Adult Riding Club Dressage and Eventing and the most wonderful high-country rides with the most amazing views that I have ever seen.

Avoca Gryffindor (2004)

(Avoca Cardinal x Avoca Kiama)

Once Gryffin was sold his name was changed to Harry and in his early years he was loved and schooled. He showed wonderful potential but unfortunately had a complicated colic and was euthanised at a young age

Avoca Roseanna (2009)

(Avoca Flaunt It x Little Miss Em)

Rosie was the life of the stable block whilst at Avoca Park, a big temperamental chestnut mare who we loved because she was a chestnut mare!

Clever in every aspect of the word and an absolute delight to train in every manner.

Whilst with us she competed Equestrian Australia Preliminary, Novice and had just commenced her Elementary journey before she was purchased.

Rosie is loved unconditionally and lives in a Classical Dressage home where she takes part in lessons, clinics and competes level to Adult Riding Club

Avoca Big Em (2003)

(Avoca Cardinal x Little Miss Em)

Named Saxon at birth, he was a surprise package. Wanting to continue to compete his Dam, Little Miss Em we decided to do an embryo transfer. Well, we went through the whole procedure and was told that she had not ovulated, so we put the whole exercise down to experience and I kept competing her.

Many months later I found she wasn’t travelling as she normally would and I started to put some dates together, I thought I had better check with our vet and had a internal done, sure enough, she was in foal, and due in just a few weeks.

Emma ended up going over her due date by 6 weeks and then she had him, he was tiny with a HUGE personality and named Saxon.

Initially we had him broken to harness hoping he would be suitable for Maree, the owner of Emma who had had a motor bike accident and lost the use of her legs to do carriage driving with, this didn’t eventuate so he was broken to saddle and commenced his dressage career. Saxon also had a talent for jumping.

He worked through the levels of HRCAV to Grade 1 Advanced and Equestrian Australia up to Medium level. He can quite confidently work his way through all of the FEI, Prix St George movements as well.

He is loved immensely and has never lost his BIG personality.

Avoca Cassandra (2009)

(Avoca Flaunt It x Avoca Impulse)

Sadly, Cassie wasn’t with us for long enough, she was a delightful little girl with a beautiful balanced trot and canter.

Avoca Estelle (2003)

(Avoca Cardinal x Avoca Matilda)

From a very early age Stella showed signs of her larger than life personality, with the personality came the presence. She had to die for beauty, the most beautiful foal we have ever bred.

Once Stella was sold, she headed for a career of Classical Dressage, she has taken part in clinics, lessons, competitions, up to Elementary.

Other Avoca Park Progeny

William (2003)

(Avoca Cardinal x Dam)

William was born here on a very, very hot February evening around 9pm.

He was a cool dude right from the word go, he was destined for a dressage career and has done many lessons, clinics and competed at the lower levels of Equestrian Australia.

William is a striking looking horse who has been loved his whole life.

Avoca Frances (2003)

(Avoca Cardinal x Avoca Impulse)

A shy guy, Frances always hid behind his mother and his siblings, never stepping out in from of them. He was sold as a weanling and loved as a first born. He took part in many lessons, clinics and enjoyed many a trail ride.

He worked his way through the Adult Riding Club levels like a champion, consistency being his middle name.

Avoca Mystique (1997)

(Avoca Cardinal x Coco)

Mystique was born here, and it was such an amazing night for us as she was going to be the first foal for us to deliver, we were getting prepared, Coco, her Dam had waxed up and we were putting the foaling alarm together.

It was a warm Summer evening; we had just finished feeding up and I did a cross check on everyone. As I looked at Coco. I thought something looked strange, I looked again, and she was having her foal whilst she was still eating her dinner, Coco hadn’t even lifted her head. I went over and went up behind her, a minute or so later the foal was delivered into my arms.

Mystique went on to compete in every facet of the Adult Riding Club Association, mainly in Dressage, success followed her all the through to Level 1.

She took part in many lessons, clinics and competitions during her ridden time.

She is still in the same home now, enjoying her retirement.

Avoca Solomon (2002)

(Avoca Cardinal x Avoca Impulse)

Solomon was staying at Avoca Park from the moment that Leanne saw him doing extended trot beside his mother at 3 months old, he was keeping up with her foot fall for foot fall. She new then that he was going to be hers.

Training with her beliefs in Classical Dressage they have moved through all the Equestrian Australia levels from Preliminary through to Advanced and then the FEI levels, Prix St George to Grand Prix… Right through Solomon’s ridden life he has had a smile on his face, and he has acquired the nick name in our stables of Jolly Solly.

Avoca Merdian (1998)

(Avoca Cardinal x Goldfoot)

Merlin to us was born on the same day as Avoca Flowergirl but he was 6am in the morning.

Named Merlin because of his unusual blaze which was a little mystical by shape.

Merlin was purchased by a family where every child (all 3) learnt to ride on him. He was a regular at Pony Club and took part in every facet of it. From Dressage, to Show jumping, to Cross Country, to games, he did Quadrilles, fancy dress, Par de Deux’s, camps, clinics, lessons and trail riding.

He did absolutely everything and was and still is loved unconditionally for his generosity of spirit.

Avoca Maximus (2000)

(Avoca Cardinal x Avoca Kiama)

Max was born in the very early hours of Boxing Day, 10 past 12 midnight. We were in the middle of watching the Gladiator, hence the name Maximus. The interesting thing was that Max also grew to 17.3hh as well.

The ever-loving family that Max was sold to treated him like a King, he has been ridden and adored by every member of the family and participated in everything from lessons, clinics, trail rides, Pony Club and camps.