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Our Equine & Human Team

We are blessed to have an amazing team of ponies, horses and coaches at Avoca Park. We are big believers of FUN, SAFETY, and EDUCATION! All our coaches have their coaching qualifications or are currently working through the Equestrian Australia courses under our mentorship. 

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Meet Our Ponies


Height: 10.2h

Colour: Chestnut

Sex: Mare

D.O.B: Unknown

Breed: Miniature Shetland

Max rider weight: TBC

Max rider height: TBC

Rider suitability: No experience to Beginner


The smallest member of our herd, will follow her handler anywhere. Cuteness overload.


Height: 11.1h

Colour: Black

Sex: Gelding

D.O.B: 2000

Breed: Shetland

Max rider weight: 35kg

Max rider height: 125cm

Rider suitability: No experience to Beginner


Perfect for our younger or petite riders, Vegemite is a cracker of a little pony. Helping riders develop skills to ride independently both in a group and by themselves.


Height: 12.2h

Colour: Chestnut - blaze & socks.

Sex: Gelding

D.O.B: 1994

Breed: Welsh

Max rider weight: 45kg

Max rider height: 140cm

Rider suitability: Beginner to Basic Skills

Young at heart, he is a good fit for riders that need a well-educated pony to expand their knowledge. He is a forward moving kind little lad that accepts light hands and instruction from his rider.

HISTORY: Trained to Grade 3 Pony Club and competed up to State Championships for Jumping and Dressage


Height: 13.1h

Colour: Grey

Sex: Mare

D.O.B: 2006

Breed: Welsh

Max rider weight: 55kg

Max rider height: 155cm

Rider suitability: Beginner to Confident.

Perfect for more experienced independent riders but also fantastic for lunge lessons.

HISTORY: Trained through the Pony Club levels up to Grade 3 dressage and Grade 4 eventing.


Height: 14h

Colour: Bay

Sex: Mare

D.O.B: unknown 

Breed: TBC

Max rider weight: 65kg

Max rider height: 165cm

Rider suitability: Beginner to Confident.

New to the riding school, Hazel received 6 months of intensive training through our kind and gentle training methods. We are confident she is safe for our riders, so we are excited to introduce her into our team.

Meet Our Horses



Colour: Chestnut Leopard Spot

Sex: Gelding


Breed: Appaloosa


Height: 15.2h

Colour: Chestnut Blanket - blaze & sock

Sex: Gelding

D.O.B: 2018

Breed: Appaloosa

Max rider weight: 75kg

Max rider height: 173cm

Rider suitability: Basic Skills


Height: 15.1h

Colour: Bay - blaze & socks

Sex: Gelding

D.O.B: 2006

Breed: Clydesdale x Stockhorse

Max rider weight: 70kg

Max rider height: 170cm

Rider suitability: No Experience to Advanced

Perfect for our older children and smaller adults, his wonderful temperament enables him to work with both beginners and advanced riders. 

HISTORY: Previously competed up to and including Grade 2 dressage and Grade 3 eventing. Trained in lateral movements such as shoulder-in, travers, renvers, and half-pass. He will counter canter but only for the most competent & confident riders.


Height: 16h

Colour: Brown

Sex: Gelding

D.O.B: 2007

Breed: Warmblood

Max rider weight: 75kg

Max rider height: 183cm

Rider suitability: No Experience to Advanced

A lovely gentleman suited to intermediate riders. He is patient, kind, wants to please, and easy to get along with in every manner.

HISTORY: Extensive dressage training.


Height: 16.2h

Colour: Bay

Sex: Gelding

D.O.B: 2012

Breed: Thoroughbred

Max rider weight: 80kg

Max rider height: 188cm

Rider suitability: Basic Skills to Advanced

HISTORY: Raced until late 2021 and started re-training in 2022.


Height: 16.3h

Colour: Bay - Star/Stripe/Snip Joined & Socks

Sex: Mare

D.O.B: 2005

Breed: Clydesdale x Quarter Horse

Max rider weight: 90kg

Max rider height: 191cm

Rider suitability: No Experience to Basic Skills


Height: 17.3h

Colour: Grey

Sex: Mare

D.O.B: 2004

Breed: Dutch Warmblood

Max rider weight: 85kg

Max rider height: 173cm

Rider suitability: Advanced to Experienced

Aka Jazmine. She is excellent for riders looking to develop a feel for the higher-level exercises including shoulder-in, travers, renvers, half-pass, walk-canter, canter-walk, counter canter, flying changes, some piaffe, and some passage.

HISTORY: Small tour champion winning and placing in all competitions during her travels through NSW and QLD with wonderful percentages.

Meet Our Coaches


More Info

Qualified EA level 3 Dressage Coach.

Qualified level 2 Jumping Equitation Judge.

Licensed level 1 teacher in Philippe Karl’s School of Légèreté.

During her riding career, Leanne trained and competed Avoca Black Saint to Grand Prix and in that time represented both Australia and Victoria.

Leanne is currently continuing the development of her riding with the School of Légèreté and studies many aspects in maintaining and improving the horse and rider’s wellbeing.


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Qualified EA Introductory Coach.

Vicky has been a part of the Avoca Park family for several years as a client riding with Leanne as her coach.

She is currently studying and working towards her Level 1 Equestrian Australia Coaching qualifications. Vicky challenges our riders to push themselves and she has a huge following.

Vicky is often competing and continues lessons with Leanne to always work on herself and her skills to become bigger and better all the time.


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Qualified EA Introductory Coach.

Amy has over 9 years’ experience coaching young riders and groups. She loves coaching and guiding riders with a passion for horses.

Amy is our regular Saturday coach. She has a fun and happy approach to her coaching but never shy to provide a challenge. Amy has a knack for helping her riders find their courage while enjoying a giggle.


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Qualified EA Introductory Coach.

Mandy previously worked for a riding school in England for over 5 years before moving to Australia.

In Australia, she completed an Advanced Diploma in Horse Management and went on to ride trackwork and work senior roles in racing at Caulfield Racecourse for 10 years.

Mandy works as our office manager but it's not uncommon to see her teaching both children and adults throughout the week, and occasionally over a weekend. She prides herself in creating a fun but safe environment for her riders.


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Qualified EA Introductory Coach

Danya has been working at Avoca Park since early 2019. She started as a client, became a junior stable-hand, then worked through her EA courses and embraced the opportunity to be mentored by Leanne Williams and the team.

She has become a sensational coach. She has a calm and kind manner with her clients in their lessons. 

Danya has continued with regular riding lessons under Leanne with the aim to always learn and improve. Danya is our regular Sunday coach, and works occasionally throughout the work around her Uni commitments.


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Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator

Naara has completed the Parelli Programme which is dedicated to the concept of natural horsemanship. By "natural", we mean an approach that comes from understanding horses from their perspective. This means that the human engages with the horse and undertakes to see things from the perspective of a prey animal in order to better understand natural equine behaviours.

In addition to her horsemanship knowledge, her qualifications as an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator gives Naara the gift of communication and empathy to any given situation. Naara’s approach to horses aligns with our values, morals and ethics.

We are excited to collaborate with Naara to create some fantastic programs to help people live their love of horses!


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Qualified EA Introductory Coach

Narelle has been working with horses for over a decade. Narelle has a wonderful bubbly personality and is always happy to help.

Although she works two other jobs, Narelle loves teaching and often joins us when our coaches take annual leave.

Narelle is keen to continue her learning with Avoca Park and is hoping to work towards her level 1 EA qualifications in the coming year.


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Trainee Coach.

Paityn has been around and riding horses since she was 5 years old and is always excited to learn new skills.

She has been at Pony Club since 2019 and is currently making changes from riding eventing to show jumping, but she does love dressage as well. 

She currently has two horses (Luca and Sprite) and loves to work with horses as it’s so rewarding seeing the hard work pay off.

Paityn loves teaching kids; they share jokes together and she says it’s amazing watching them improve every ride.

Paityn is looking forward to continuing her education at Avoca Park.